Business forms in which a foreign investor can enter into Indian Market

Following are the business forms in which a foreign investor can enter into Indian Market:

An Indian Company:

  • Joint Venture as (i) Private Limited or (ii) Public Limited Company, s.t. Companies Act, 2013
  • Wholly owned subsidiary permissible in sectors where 100% FDI is permitted

A Foreign Company*:

  • Liaison Office to represent the parent company in India
  • Branch Office activities such as Export-Import of goods; research, consultancy etc.
  • Project Office activities as per contract to execute project

Click here to download the latest eligibility criteria and procedural guidelines issued by Reserve Bank of India for establishment to Branch Office, Liaison Office and Project office in India.

Limited Liability Partnership:

  • Subject to provisions of LLP Act, 2008
  • FDI permitted under the automatic route in LLPs operating in sectors/activities where 100% FDI is allowed, through the automatic route and there are no FDI-linked performance conditions

*Incorporate company in India s.t. sectoral caps and requisite approvals


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        第一に、製品を確立し、市場状況を分析するために、インドにLiaison事務所または支店を設置することをお勧めします。 その後、インドに完全子会社を設立することができます

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