Taxation Services In India

With the emerging era of ease of doing business in India through initiatives such as Make in India, Skill India Initiative, Digital India and various other initiatives of government of India which have made India a favourite destination of various investors around the globe. Keeping in view the objective of ease of doing business in India, the government of India has perfectly aligned all the Direct and Indirect tax policies and initiatives in line with the said objective. Also in a presentation in Hong Kong by CLSA’s Chris Wood, who is recognized as the one of the best strategists in Asian markets. During his speech, Wood maintained that India has been and continues to be his favorite market in the region. Following is the extract from his speech:

I have, in fact, allocated 41 percent of my long only portfolio to India… I am not going to pull out because I am viewing India as a five-year story given the fact that Modi has been elected for five years. Modi is the most pro-business, pro-investment political leader in the world today.- Chris Wood

Wood went on to argue that among the four BRIC countries— India is the best place for investors to be right now. The initiative that have been taken by the government of India have motivated not only the big market giants around the world to do business in India, also a lot of new start-ups have emerged which are performing outstandingly in the market due to innovative ideas and a huge customer base.

Our firm believes that almost all the businesses whether big or small, corporate or individual have to make a lot of crucial business decisions in this era of change and all such decisions have direct or indirect tax implications and if such decisions are taken with due care and updated knowledge, they give a competitive edge to the organisation. We keep ourselves updated in term of various changes in the taxation policies of government and keep our clients informed about the changes that might have an impact on their businesses. We are a CA firm in India for taxation services, being a reputed CA firm in India we have served the industry for over 24 years with our knowledge and experience in the field of Direct as well as Indirect taxation services. Our CA firm believes that research is the key to success, therefore we conduct various regular and frequent seminars within our organisation to keep everyone within the organisation updated.

Our taxation services can beclassified mainly into three broad categories, namely: